Drug Test Kits : At Home Drug Test Products Of 2019

In recent years, drug testing procedures have become a mandate in various different organisations which has given scope to the drug testing kits that come handy and are easy to use. The drugs did by you days or even months ago can land you in troublesome situations if you are on the ledge of a drug test. Undoubtedly, there are a number of detox methods and products available to get through a test but their efficiency is still a questionable thing because even if they have 99% of the passing rate the rest 1% is still there which may obstruct you from getting your desired job.

There are possibilities that your employer or company may shortlist you for a random drug test, however, legit drug testers have to give prior written notice for testing a person. This notice can give you time to prepare for the test but if you are a chronic user then the problems can be bigger for you.

In order to give you possibilities of passing the test the detox drinks are pills are accessible online but before actually taking up the test it is better to be double sure with drug test kits so you do not leave any chances of failure.

What is a Drug Test?

Drug test or drug screening is testing a person for illicit drug usage or prescribed drugs present in the body. It is also done if you are detected with symptoms like panic, agitation, paranoia, slowed speech or nausea. Most of the companies test their employees to check that no employee is under substance use. Similarly, Police officials are also testing random people on the road so as to prevent them from driving when they are high. You can be tested for the following drugs in your system:

  • Marijuana
  • Opioids
  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Steroids
  • Barbiturates
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Types of Drug Tests

If you are looking for an option for passing a certain kind of drug test then you may not be able to dodge it as there are other various tests available which are equally efficient for detecting toxins in your body. Before going for a test it is important to know about the other kinds of tests that you may face and pros and cons related to them.  Here is an overview to give you some knowledge about the drug tests:

  • Urine Drug Test: Urine testing is a common procedure which is usually taken up. It is efficient for testing the presence of metabolites but it may not detect the parent drug.
  • Saliva Test: If you are testing at home or workplace then this test is the most sophisticated one and gives a result within minutes. The results obtained are highly dependable upon the window of detection of the drug.
  • Blood Testing: Blood testing is not a usual method as it the drug metabolites do not stay in the bloodstream for long. This is highly accurate yet done rarely by the military or other defences related organization.
  • Hair Test: The hair follicle test is gaining importance as it can detect the drug to great precision and it is capable of giving positive results for the drug used in the last 90 days.
  • Perspiration Testing: Perspiration test is the newest among all the tests already available. A sweat patch is attached to the skin for about 14 days to test the presence of drugs through the sweat a person excretes. It is usually done on people with child custody matters.

Applications of Drug Tests

A few years back it was a nearly impossible task to detect what you have consumed by testing your body but now the scenario has completely changed and sophisticated methods are available to reveal all your wrongdoings and illegal drug intake and with more advanced methods it is possible to detect traces of drugs which you have taken months ago.

If you are going to get a new job role then it is likely that you will be tested for drugs, even the employers keep checking their employees for workplace substance use time and again. The fitness of athletes is also determined from their background by testing if they are drug users or not. A drug test is also commonly done on the criminal offenders as well as different rehabilitation centres keep taking drug test of their patients. Doctors may also check you if you for drugs before giving you medications.

Accuracy of Drug Tests

Drug testing can be highly accurate provided that it is done in the right way. It is better to perform a supervised drug test rather than going for an unsupervised one as it does not give any chance to the subject for tricking the result. The test results also depend upon the kind of drugs a person is tested for as well as its window of detection. The type of drug test may also affect the testing procedure as the toxins take time to show up in the urine whereas they can quickly be detected from the saliva.

The hair drug test is different from other tests as it has the ability to detect the drugs taken 90 days ago but the sample length taken for testing may deceive the correct results. The test results are subject to risk if the person who is being tested already have prior information as this provides time to figure out tricks to beat the test.

Therefore, the accuracy of a drug test cannot be declared as it depends upon various factors taken into consideration.

The Need for Drug Testing Kits

A drug test kit can be used for both laboratory testing or testing at home. Previously, the procedures implied for drug tests was complicated and to obtain the results was difficult as well as time-consuming. As time passed by and science evolved, better methods were invented to make drug testing simplified.

Generally, a drug test is taken for serious purposes like jobs, defence or medical reasons and failing the test can lead to consequences hence it becomes crucial to pass a drug test. To make sure of your passing probability, you can get a drug test kit and check yourself for clean results.

If you are a parent and want to check if your child is under the influence of any drug abuse then it is best for you to buy a drug test kit for drugs and check with the comfort of your home.

How Accurate a Home Test Kit is?

With the invention of most advanced versions of drug test kits, testing for toxins has become a piece of cake but the question to ask yourself is how accurate are these drug test kits for home are? In simple words, it cannot be determined and the accuracy of the result solely depends on the way you perform it.

A cheaper and low quality drug test kit may abstain from giving the correct result and turn out to be misleading, however different external factors may also cause the results to waver a bit. Depending upon the type of drug test you are undergoing, the accuracy of the test kit can be found out.

  • Urinalysis

Analyzing urine for the presence of drugs is probably the most commonly used method used to find out about the drug history of a person. The urine test is based upon testing the non-psychoactive drug in the system rather than finding out the presence of the parent drug. This makes the home drug test kits slightly less efficient because, for the drugs like marijuana, the metabolites are soluble in fat and thus takes longer to show up in the urine and only be detected if the test is performed within two weeks of drug intake.

  • Blood Test

The blood test is considered to be the most accurate drug test but it is invasive and very expensive, this makes it rarely applicable in the different sectors and doing it at home by a test kit is also unusual. It is only taken into consideration only if the test is related to law or need high precision. The science behind the test is that as soon as the drug toxins get into your system it goes into your bloodstream but the drugs like marijuana or nicotine stay in the blood for very less time so they have to be tested in a few hours of intake.

  • Mouth Swab Test

Among the well-known drug tests, the mouth swab test is gaining popularity over time. The reason why testers are switching to the saliva test is that it is simple to perform and the results are obtained within a fraction of minutes. This test has the most chances of getting tricked as the result depends upon the way it is done and the subject has the liberty to shift the cotton swab inside the mouth without getting noticed. Several oral detox bottles of mouthwashes are also available which makes it easier to beat the test. So, the correctness of a saliva test is debatable.

  • Hair Follicle Test

A hair drug test is the hardest one to beat yet the least accurate one. You can get a hair drug test kit for home but the real test will take place in the laboratory and you have to send the sample there. The results of this test are highly motivated by the surroundings such as an African or Asian person is more prone to giving a false-positive. The hair easily gets contaminated by the surroundings which greatly affects the accurate results thus, making it the worst option in terms of correctness.

Best Drug Test Kits To Buy

Even after doing your homework about the drug test kits, buying one for yourself is still tricky as there are innumerable products available for various tests of a different drug. You may think to buy a general drug test kit which is useful to do any kind of testing but then the bigger question arises which manufacturer should be chosen to buy the kit. Here are a few selected products of different companies to help you choose the right one for yourself.

  1. Marijuana Drug Test Kit

Marijuana Drug Test KitThis marijuana test kit by ITG comes at an affordable price and gives accurate test results. With this simple and small test kit, you can test yourself before going for a drug test and can know the level of toxins in your system. This urine test is easy to perform as well as shows result within 5 minutes which saves your time and also warns you if you are having high toxin levels running in your bloodstream.

Similar to this product by ITG you can also look for various other test kits which can be used for specific drugs.

How to use and interpret results?

Drug testing with this product is a one-step method, it involves you to dip the test strip in your urine and check your results in a few minutes.

If one coloured line appears on the strip it will indicate that you have tested positive for marijuana whereas two-coloured line means the toxin levels are undetectable. The result is inconclusive if there is no coloured line on the strip this may be caused by an insufficient level of urine or due to following the wrong procedure. 

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  1. Steroid Urine Drug Test Kit

The anabolic steroid is a type of drug which is usually associated with athletes as it helps them to improve their physical performance while playing, but in the recent times, many men and women are found to be a victim of this drug abuse as it is considered to increase their muscles and help reduce fat. This is most common among high school students who are affected by peers for how they look.

This economical and efficient test allows you to check yourself or any other individual confidentially. You only have to send your urine sample to the laboratory and with high tech methods, accurate results are found out and emailed to you.

Along with the steroid tests, it lets you check for several other metabolites and substances like:

  • Tetrahydrogestrinone(THG)
  • Boldenone (Equipoise)
  • Hydroxyboldenone (Metabolite)
  • Clostebol (Steranobol)
  • Clenbuterol
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone(DHEA)
  • Testosterone
  • Epitestosterone
  • Oxymesterone (Oranabol)
  • Oxandrolone (Anavar)
  • Methyloxandrolone (Metabolite)
  • Stanozolol (Winstrol)
  • Hydroxystanozolol (Metabolite)
  • Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)
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  1. Hair Confirm Regular Hair Drug Testing Kit

The hair drug test is one of the most reliable methods when it comes to finding out the drug history of a person. This drug test kit for hair primarily made for the individuals and parents who want to test their kids. The Hair Confirm Regular Hair drug Testing gives results to the highest exactness and discards all the drawbacks of trivial hair drug tests as there is no possibility of giving a false-positive result because of external factors. The Enzyme-immunoassay antibodies (EIA) are used in the hair testing which determines that no contamination can lead to false results. Also, most people fall for the myth that hair colour affects the test results which is not true and this test proves it. 

How to Use the Product?

The test kit includes a collection kit along with a pre-addressed envelope. You are required to collect a hair sample of 90-120 hairs from your head or from any other body part which is sufficiently long, then the next step includes sending the sample to the laboratory in the pre-paid envelope.

The result can be obtained in a few days through the email to ensure the confidentiality of the test. A detailed report is provided to you about the percentage of toxins in your hair as well as it can detect the traces of five different drugs. The test is accurate enough to detect when you last had drugs and the gaps between taking drug doses. 

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  1. Saliva Confirm 5-Panel Oral Fluid Screening Test

As the name suggests, the Salvia Confirm 5-Panel Oral Fluid Screening Test is saliva testing to detect 5 types of drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates and amphetamines. This test is mostly used in the businesses as the testing procedure is convenient and results are produced within 10 minutes of the test.

How to Use the Product?

The saliva test is a one-step process, you have to collect an adequate amount of sample and test it, within minutes you can observe single or double lines. A positive result will lead to single while double corresponding lines will indicate a negative result. There is a special indicator in the test kit which will show if the sample collected is sufficient or not, this will prevent you from re-testing. 

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  1. 5-Panel Multi Drug Home Dip Test

The 5-Panel urine drug test kit is capable of detecting the most commonly used drugs and gives result depending on their concentration in your body. If you are a light user then there may be a chance that you pass this test undetected provided your toxin concentration for a particular drug is less than the detectable level. Here are the drug type and their minimum level after which this Multidrug Home Dip Test will lead positive:

  • Cocaine- minimum 300ng/ml
  • Amphetamine- minimum 1000ng/ml
  • Methamphetamine- minimum 1000ng/ml
  • THC- 50ng/ml
  • Opiates- 2000ng/ml

Instructions for Testing

The correctness of the result is determined by the procedure followed for testing. The test is a one-step process which results in just 5 minutes, however, there are a few things that should be taken care of during the test.

  • Prior to opening the pouch, make sure that it is at room temperature. Once you do that, remove the test strips carefully from the sealed pouch and try to use it as soon as possible.
  • Remove the cap from the test ends and dip the panels vertically in the urine, following the arrows on the test panels while immersing them.
  • Put the panels on a non-absorbent surface and wait for the coloured lines to appear. It should be noted that results should be read within five minutes of the appearance of the line and not delayed.

How to Read the Results

Similar to the other urine testing kits, this kit will also show coloured lines which will show if the result is positive or negative but there may a least probability that it will come out to be invalid. To determine what your test strip tells about your drug levels follow the tips provided below:

  • Negative: If there are two corresponding lines appearing on the strip then it means you have passed the test successfully. It should be noted that no matter how light the other line is, it will still signify a negative result.
  • Positive: In case there is only one line on the strip then it indicates that there is some drug present in your system and unfortunately, you have failed the test.
  • Invalid: After waiting for five minutes of testing if there are no lines appearing on the strip then it does not mean that the test kit has an error, instead there may be a mistake in the procedure undertaken or the specimen used is below the sufficient level. This means that you have to take another test kit and undergo the test again.
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The drug test and its various types which have increased the need for a drug test kit have been discussed so far. As the methods of drug testing have evolved, new ways of beating it have been developed which gave the scope of applying high technology for the invention of better and more accurate drug testing kits which are hard to be deceived.

Although, there are a number of websites for drug test kit to buy from there is one way or the other to trick these products. Some tests produce false results due to wrong procedural approach whereas the others fail because of the detoxifying products used by the subject. Even if you are testing yourself to be double sure of passing an upcoming drug test, it is better to move further carefully and read the instruction guide of every test kit that you are using.

Several products from different manufacturers give you scope to choose the most suitable option. You can get a test kit which is used to find out the presence of a certain drug or you can buy a drug test kit which has the ability to detect traces of multiple drugs. Therefore, testing a person or testing yourself with accuracy depends upon how wisely you chose a product and how carefully you take up the test.