How to Pass a Hair Drug Test?

There are several drug testing methods available but the hair drug test stays intact in its position for being the most difficult one to pass. The test is gaining importance over time and employers are bending towards this test rather than going for the trivial methods of drug testing.

This test is a proven way to catch the illicit drug users as there is very less or almost no chance of deceiving the test. However, to get past this test, you need to do your homework before going for it. A thorough knowledge about the test, how it is done as well as the legends and facts should be beneficial to crack this test. There have been few products invented to get you clean results but to prevent yourself from crooks, it is required to buy these products from reliable retailers. Also, a few simple strategies can also guide you closer to passing the test. So, if you have a hair drug test scheduled then here are a few things you must know.

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Know about the Hair Drug Test

The hair follicle test is based upon testing the hair for the presence of any drugs. When a person intakes any toxic substance the metabolites get stored in the hair as it grows. The studies have shown that the by-products of the drugs get stored in the bloodstream which is passed into the hair and stays there for a long time. The testers benefit from this fact and use the test for drug abuse in the past 90 days. This test is known to be the most accurate and convenient test which gives a very less opportunity for the drug user to tamper with the correct results.

The lab technicians or the testers may test you for a specific type of drug or may take the test for different toxic substances. Here are a few drugs which you may be tested for.

  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine

The Necessity of Performing Hair Drug Test

Similar to other drug tests, hair testing is also done in various different industries. Mostly, the employers make use of the test so as to scan their employees of any drug use. An employer may be interested in taking the test of a new employee in order to check that the employee is not indulged in any kind of toxins.

A number of industries like defence and transportation strictly follow the drug testing procedures as even the slightest mistake can be lethal. Nowadays, the government of different states and nations have enforced rigid laws against drug usage. As a result, the police and schools have started taking frequent drug tests of students in order to keep them away from the viciousness of drugs.

However, the companies are instructed to provide employees prior notice of the drug test and they cannot perform it until there is the written consent of the person.

How the Test is Done?

The hair drug test is a two-step process. After collecting the hair sample it undergoes two tests known as Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry or GC-MS. The ELISA is the first step of screening which is very rapid. The result produced by ELISA is further tested for confirmation by chromatography. The drug testing procedure can be understood in detail as follows:

  1. Collect Hair Sample

The initial step of the testing is the collection of a hair sample. Usually, 1 inch of hair is cut for the test. A sample is taken closer to the scalp. 

  1. Laboratory Testing

As soon as the sample is received it is washed thoroughly for the removal of contamination. The sample is then sent to the laboratory for the ELISA testing and result is produced. At present, there are different kinds of hair drug test kit available so the testing can be done at workplaces or at home.

  1. Result Confirmation

In case the ELISA test turns out to be positive, another confirmatory test is done on the sample which is called GC-MS. Chromatographic techniques are used for this purpose which is highly reliable.  The chromatography may be liquid or gas based on the requirement of the tester. 

  1. Obtaining the Result

The final step is to obtain the hair drug test results. After testing the hair twice, the result is produced to be positive, negative or inconclusive.

Sometimes the test can also result in false-positive because of the medications and specific foods the person has taken. It may also come out as wrong depending upon the ethnic group a person belongs to. So, the test is needed to be administered carefully.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in your System?

This question has been asked by many people time and again but the answer to this complex looking question is simple. The traces of drugs in your hair are going to stay until there is hair on your head. Only getting your head shaved will remove the drugs from hair.

However, passing the hair test is an entirely different story and does not depend that you were once a drug user. The legit way that the hair test deals with, explains that no matter how long you have been using drugs you can be tested just for the past 90 days. So, if you have not taken any toxins in the last 90 days then no one can give a negative in the test.

Test Hair at Home

Do you want to be double sure of passing the test? Take up a simple home test and get assured of your results in a few simple ways. Hair drug test at home is also appropriate for the parents who want to check their kids of drug abuse. It is better to be tested twice than being caught!

There are innumerable home testing kits available to serve this purpose. Usually, an instruction manual is provided with the product but here are some general steps that are followed for home testing.

  • Go through the instruction manual.
  • Take the hair sample as guided by the manufacturer.
  • Wrap the cut-off hair in a foil.
  • Put the foil into the envelope.
  • Mail the envelope to the laboratory for further testing.

You can access the results online or get them from by calling on the toll-free number provided with the kit.

Pros And Cons of Hair Drug Testing:

As everything has its merits and demerits, the hair follicle test also has several advantages and a few drawbacks which need to be noted.

  • Painless and Non-invasive

The test is completely painless and the procedure followed is convenient. It only requires a few strands of hair nearer to the root from the head or from any other body part.

  • Longer Detection Window

The saliva or urine tests give results in a matter of seconds but they do not comment anything on the drug history of the person whereas, a hair test is efficient enough to detect drug usage in the past 90 days. This is because the metabolites are stored in the hair and not removed easily.

  • Less Chance of Adulteration

The metabolites in the hair are stored in the shaft so it makes very difficult to remove them by using outer products such as shampoos or washing hair. This gives a less chance to tamper with the test.

  • Trouble-free Storage

The main advantage is that the testers do not have to think about storing the hair sample. It is extremely easy to store for a longer period. In comparison to the other tests, hair samples are easier to collect and handle.

  • Indecisive Drug Use Time

The test may be able to detect drug used months ago but it is incompetent in finding out the drugs taken a few days or week before the test.

  • High-cost Testing

The hair testing for a drug is a relatively more complex and accurate method with respect to the other methods available to the hair drug test cost you more. That is why analyzing the hair sample is costlier than other methods.

  • Results affected by sample length

Generally, approximately 1.5 cm of hair is cut off from near the root for the testing purpose but taking samples too short or too long may affect the result of the test.

  • Longer time for result

Unlike the saliva or urine tests, it takes a longer time to find out the correct result of the test. As the procedure is lengthy and complex it requires at least 2-3 days for obtaining the result.

Does Getting Bald Save you?

No hair, no test! It is one of the most common hair drug test myths and may seem appealing to you that shaving your head will get you through the test but is that so? No, you certainly cannot get away with test with this method. Even if you believe on this and decide to get bald then the testers will still have a choice to take the hair sample from another part of your which is long enough.

Now you may want to act clever and get all of your hair shaved but this will land you into a dubious situation. The employer or the tester is surely going to doubt you and may not accept you as a new employee.

There is also a chance that the employer will take another kind of drug tests such as saliva, urine or blood testing which you cannot get away with. So, there is no way of getting bald and passing the test.

How to Beat a Hair Drug Test?

After knowing a lot about the drug testing procedure and the failed ways of passing it, it is time to actually beat the test by jumping onto actual working methods. There are a lot of legends attached to the home remedies of passing a hair test such as using lime juice, baking soda or doing shampoo but they are all just myths. Some of the credible ways of beating the test are as follows:

  1. Jerry G Method

The Jerry G Method is named after the person who invented it. It is basically, a  bleaching method which works with ammonia. The method can work it will cost you a lot more than just money.

The method involves blasting your hair to get all the toxins out through Bleach. This highly damages the hair for a long period and to stay away from suspicion you will have to wait for the damage to undo which may take time.

The damage done to your hair is up to such a great extent then you may have to dye your hair after performing this method. The state of your hair will go terribly bad but the real trouble has not started yet. The problem begins when you have to do it again and again.

It is also noticed that some people have complained of patchy hair or burns on your head. So, until you are really desperate about passing the test, Jerry G method would be a fool’s choice as there are much easier and reliable methods available. 

  1. Macujo Method

The Macujo met6hod is a lot more trusted and better method than the destructive Jerry G. Although the method is invasive, time-consuming and expensive yet it is worth it. There are certain ingredients which are going to help you to open the hair shaft and clean the hair of all the toxins. The components are:

  • Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo
  • Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo
  • White Vinegar
  • Tide Detergent
  • Any shampoo with salicylic acid (like Clean and Clear Pink)

It is a child’s play to find these ingredients but the steps of using it may not be easy. It will require you to use several times a day as well as keep washing your hair every few hours. Here is how you can use the Macujo Method efficiently.

  • Wash your hair with warm water and apply vinegar thoroughly onto the scalp and hair. Avoid the vinegar from getting into the eyes.
  • Now apply a shampoo having salicylic acid on the wet hair with the vinegar still there.
  • It may give you a burning sensation but keep the hair in this way for about half an hour.
  • With warm water, thoroughly rinse your hair.
  • Massage the Aloe Rid Shampoo and wash the hair twice.
  • Work Tide detergent into your hair to make it clean.
  • Just before going for the test, wash your hair with Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo. This will give the final touch of cleaning the toxins.

4 Best Products To By Using Products

The Macujo method also involved usage of various products but before trusting to use a product, it is necessary to know about it in detail so you don’t fall into any trap of a manufacturer. There are a few renowned products that are discussed below.

  1. Ultra Clean Shampoo

The Ultra Clean Shampoo by Zydot is effective in removing the effect of medications, chemicals and drug traces from the hair shaft. It is a non-invasive method and only requires you to use the shampoo whenever you wish to get rid of the bacteria.

It consists of a shampoo, purifier and a conditioner. The shampoo is responsible for removing the outer hair layer so that the purifier can clean the bacteria out of the hair. After that the conditioner to prevent the hair from tangling and make it smooth and shiny.

The shampoo and purifier make your hair pure and clean whereas to protect your hair from damage, the condition is made with Aloe Vera which ensures that your hair stays the way it is and adds sheen to it.

Note: The Ultra Clean Shampoo is not recommended for daily use, instead use Aloe Rid Shampoo every day.

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  1. Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo

The 8-ounce bottle of Aloe Rid Shampoo, when paired with the Ultra Clean Shampoo, makes the best team and puts you in a win-win condition. This is the best way to clear a hair test easily. This shampoo can be used on a daily basis for 3-10 days prior to the testing. If you do not have time and the test is on the ledge then shampoo multiple times a day so it makes at least 15 times of Aloe Rid Shampoo.

How to use the product?

Using the Aloe Rid Shampoo is a piece of cake, you only have to use it just like normal shampoos every day and while doing it let the lather stay in your head for 10-15 minutes. You can use a normal shampoo then rinse, after that use the Aloe Rid shampoo and massage your scalp with it. Rinse your hair and use a normal conditioner.

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  1. Ultra Cleanse Shampoo

The Ultra-Cleanse Shampoo is another shampoo which gives the customers a choice. It is a well-known product which is cheap as well as comes with a 500% money back guarantee which ensures that you will be passing the test without much hard work. Many a time, the customers are mistaken to take the Ultra Cleanse Shampoo same as the Ultra Clean Shampoo which is not the case. This shampoo has an entirely different story as the ingredients and the process involved in using it differs a lot.

Although both the shampoos have similar names this shampoo does not involve any conditioner or one-times. instead, it has a whole different procedure and application for passing the hair drug test.

Best way to use it

Work 1oz or half the shampoo bottle into your wet hair. Massage it onto your scalp and hair thoroughly for about 3-5 minutes. After that, simply rinse your hair with warm water. Repeating it 1-4 times will give you clean results.

If you are a regular user of cocaine or amphetamines then it would be better to supplement the shampoo with the Nexxus Aloe-Rid Preconditioning Shampoo. This will add on to the effectiveness and cleans your hair of the drugs.

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  1. Hair Follicle Shampoo

If you have no time to shampoo again and again then this hair follicle shampoo will save you. It only requires you to shampoo once when you want to get rid of the toxins and is effective up to 8 hours of using it. This product is economical but not always the first choice of the customers.

The two-step process involves applying the shampoo to wet hair evenly and after 5 minutes rinse with warm water then you have to apply the purifier which will actually do the job of removing metabolites from the hair. You have to thoroughly apply it on the scalp, let it stay there for about 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

It should be noted that you have to avoid any contact from toxic surfaces or the usage of other hair products as well as use a clean towel and avoid hair dryer after using the Hair Follicle Shampoo.

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The hair drug test is booming as there is less risk of deceiving it. It has become suitable for the employers to take up the test since it can deduce the drug usage of the past 90 days. There are certain merits and demerits attached to the test but it is seen that the hair drug test accuracy is incomparable to the urine or saliva testing. It is important for a person to previously know when the test is going to happen and do not fall for the myths involved in passing it.

Looking at the high importance of the test, many manufacturers have come up with different products so that you can pass the test with flying colours. Out of all the products available online, the combination of Aloe Rid Shampoo and Ultra Clean Shampoo is the saviour of the drug users.

Therefore, we can conclude that if you are the next person for a hair drug test then do not shave your head or use lime juice, rather use the highly efficient products for getting through the test.