How to Pass a Mouth Swab (Saliva) Drug Test

As technology has advanced to a great level, there are new and more efficient ways invented to test a person for a drug. You can be tested for different kinds of drugs in different ways which include, urine, saliva, hair and blood testing. There is a great importance of passing a drug test. It may be crucial for you to get a job or pass it for legal matters. Nowadays, the employers of a company may conduct the test randomly to check that their employees are not subject to drug abuse. The working efficiency of an employee is also be judged as the people taking drugs tend to have less focus. No matter how sophisticated methods are used to do so, there are still some loopholes to cheat the test and get clean results.

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Passing a drug test greatly depends on previously knowing the kind of test going to be taken, how it is done and the ways to get through the test. Several products have also been introduced in the market to meet this purpose  of passing the test. You may not undo the effect of already taken toxins but you can certainly drain it off your body for making the future better.

What is a Saliva Drug Test?

The easiest and cheapest drug testing technique is a mouth swab drug test. The test is based on checking the presence of lingering metabolites in the saliva. The general method to do so is through a cotton swab. In this test, a cotton swab is put inside the mouth, mostly under the tongue so it absorbs saliva. The swab is then put in a container and then it undergoes analysis by a panel and the result is declared to be positive or negative.

The reason why a saliva drug test is widely accepted for drug testing is that it gives quick results. It can be performed with ease as well as the result can be found within seconds. The apparatus required for testing also comes handy and cheap.

Cotton Swab Drug Test

Cotton swab drug test is an efficient and faster way to test traces of drugs in saliva. In the process, a cotton swab is placed under the tongue and allowed to absorb the saliva. the swab absorbs the saliva which contains the traces of whatever drugs took by the host. the sample is tested in the laboratory and quick results are produced whether it is positive or negative.

a cotton swab test can be dodged in various ways like chewing gum or using certain kinds of mouthwashes that defy the effects.

Advantages of Cotton Swab Drug Test

cotton swab drug tests are effective over other drug tests like urine tests as samples in such tests are kept there for a long time. There is no chance for anyone to dilute or tamper with the sample. The reason why chances fool a swab test is very little is that it is quick and require moments to get done. So, tricking the person taking the test or the way the test is conducted is rare.

Reasons for Performing the Test

The aim of doing this test is crystal clear. As its name suggests it is used to detect the presence of drugs through the saliva; but the prime reason why mouth swab test is widely done is that among all the drug tests, saliva testing is the cheapest.

Another reason why it is preferred over urine testing is that urine tests are more expensive as well as the employers don’t prefer waiting long for the results of the test so the mouth swab test takes over the other tests.

The saliva test kit also comes handy which means you can be caught for a saliva test at any moment. The police in different countries are going for taking roadside swab test of random people. Hence it is important for you to keep a check on your stock of swab products and cut-off your drug intake.

When it can be done?

The thing which can bring trouble about the saliva drug test is that they can happen anytime,  anywhere. The testing kit is very easily available as well as the testing procedure is also effortless. It has taken over the other types of tests because of these reasons. A few years back it was not as popular among the employers as it is now, the reason being that it is comparatively difficult to fool the urine or blood drug test. But, as time is the most expensive thing, the employers are bending towards saliva testing.

The test kit is small and anyone can administer the test and not much training and proficiency is required to do so. Therefore, the test can take place the next day or even the next moment. Passing such unannounced drug test can only be accomplished if you have a prior idea about your company or job may take such tests anytime or you have detox products with you.

So, if there is any chance of the swab test to happen then it is better to be a step ahead and prepare yourself for the situation.

Drug Testing Laws

The government can become a factor forcing you to take up a drug test as there are certain laws enforced to keep a check on people. The laws may vary in countries or state but their objective remains the same that is to keep the people in check for excessive drug usage. The acts like Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 which gives the employers authority to take legal actions against anyone who is found a user of drugs at the workplace. Industries like transportation, defence and aviation are strict against the toxin substance use.  You may have to face consequences if you are found guilty in these industries. 

Drugs and Detection Time

The most important fact that may prove to be a deciding element in passing your drug test is the detection time of a drug. The removal of the drug traces from the saliva depends upon the type of drug intake as well as the extremity of the toxin in the bloodstream and saliva.

Here are a few types of drugs and time taken by them to pass undetected from the saliva.

  • 24 hours for Cocaine
  • 36 hours for Marijuana
  • 36 hours for Opiates
  • 48 hours for PCP
  • 72 hours for Methamphetamine
  • 24 hours for Amphetamines
  • 48 hours for Heroin
  • 6 hours for LSD

Although, there is a fair chance that if you stop the intake of these drugs before their detection times then you can easily slip out the negative results of a saliva test but in case you are a chronic user then the metabolites will take a longer time to pass out of the saliva which makes you prone to failing a saliva drug test.

Similarly, for the cannabis user, it takes a much longer time to pass out which means if you get face to face a saliva test in a short notice then the chances are that you may not pass it.

Products To Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Now that you have the required knowledge of what is a mouth swab drug test and the ways it can be done. The next step is knowing about the products that can give you a pass in any other saliva drug test. There are a number of retailers and even more products to satisfy your desire for passing a mouth swab drug test. Doesn’t matter which drugs you are taking or these products assure you that you will pass an oral drug test in no time.

  1. Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

toxin rid mouth swab washWhen it comes to choosing a detox product, the first choice among the customers is the Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash. The reason being the most effectual in terms of detoxing as well as cost. Apart from this, the mouthwash is manufactured by Toxin Rid which has established its name among the customers for its detox pills and other products.

The bottle of Rescue Mouthwash can be used a few minutes before taking up the test. No matter how the test is going to be performed, the mouthwash guarantees you that you will pass the test with flying colours.

Best Way to Use the Product

The toxin Rid Mouthwash is extremely easy to use. It only requires you to keep the liquid in your mouth for 3 to 4 minutes and then spit it out along with all the toxic metabolites in your saliva. Repeating it for more two or three times will get you clean in the test. You can choose to have any six breath mints after using the mouthwash.

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  1. Supreme Klean Saliva Mouthwash

Supreme Klean Saliva MouthwashA competent mouthwash to the Toxin rid mouthwash is Supreme Klean Saliva Mouthwash. It is equally effective yet a little more costly than the other one. This mouthwash gives the customers a choice as it also gives money back guarantee and assures you to have a 0% failure rate.

What does it contain?

The main component of the mouthwash is water which also includes aloe vera, Glycerin, Potassium Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Sodium Chloride, Boron Citrate, Witch Hazel, Chloride, Lithium Sulphate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate and Peppermint to give it a minty flavour.

How to Use the Product?

The Supreme Klean Mouthwash can be used in a similar way to the Toxin Rid Mouthwash. It is very simple to use and only requires you to sluice the mouthwash in your mouth, keep it for 2 to 3 minutes and spit. It will immediately clean your saliva of the toxins and is effectual to up to 30 to 40 minutes of its usage. So, you can use it just before the test and get off clean.

In addition to the mouthwash, you can order the Supreme Klean Saliva Pre-Cleanse capsules as a supplement to boost up the performance of mouthwash.

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  1. Oral Clear Gum

Oral Clear GumThe Oral Clear Gum is not actually a gum but it is a capsule filled with chemicals that will detoxify your saliva, This product is expensive yet in just a single use you will know that it is worth your money. The best thing which makes it stand out the other products is that being a capsule, it is very small. You can keep it in your palm during the test or hide it anywhere and no one will find out.

The Oral Clear gum works really fast and your saliva will be clear of all the drugs in the blink of an eye. It just takes 30 seconds to work and you will be ready for the saliva test.

How to Use Oral Clear Gum?

Similar to other oral detoxing products this gum can be used with ease. Few seconds prior to the test pop the capsule out of the tube and drop it into your mouth. Chew the gum so as the liquid inside the capsule spreads at all corners of your mouth and detoxify. Once you have done this your saliva will be clear of all kinds of toxins including Nicotine in a flash. So, just 30 seconds of chewing gives you result in 10 minutes and lasts up to 30 minutes.

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Other Ways  to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

After knowing a lot about saliva test it can be said that this test can be taken without any notice but passing a mouth swab drug test is also a piece of cake. There are methods, some of which may seem a bit expensive but if you are a regular user of the drug then this will certainly help you to a great extent to pass an oral drug test.

  1. Brush more often!

If you take very less amount of drug and that too not regularly, cleansing your mouth is the simplest way to pass a saliva drug test. In addition to avoiding anymore intake of drugs, you can focus on the thorough cleaning of your mouth. Keeping your mouth clean is not rocket science, all you are required is to brush your teeth more frequently in the day. It is also recommended to floss your mouth for many times in a day with mouthwashes available.

To not make it too complicated, simply drink a lot of water which will naturally remove the toxic metabolites from the saliva as well as produce more saliva.

For the people smoking weed, eating food rich in fats few hours before the test is good as the metabolites present in the saliva bind with the fats, so there is a chance that the test may fail to detect any traces of drug present in the saliva. Although, it does not guarantee a pass but can prove to be helpful.

Here are a few guidelines to follow to cleanse your mouth:

  • Floss your mouth more often in the previous day of your test.
  • Frequently brush your teeth 24 hours prior to undergoing the test.
  • Restrain yourself from taking any more drugs at least a day before your test.
  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water.
  • Have a meal full of fat just before the test.

The important thing to note is that this method is effective only when you already have a notice about the saliva test at least 24 hours before actually going for it. In case you are forced to take up the test without any prior notice, this method has a high probability of failure.

  1. Deceive the Cotton Swab Drug

If you are forced to take up the test suddenly and there is no time for you to prepare then the only way left to pass the test is to trick it. This may seem irrational, but if you are aware of the fact that you may fail the test then it is worth a try.

The first way is to try manipulating the person taking the test so he can take the sample from the upper part of the mouth rather than the gum line. This is because the toxins tend to collect under the tongue or in the gum line. If you are lucky enough to get him agreed or the administrator is a newbie, he may accept it and you can pass the test.

You can do so by acting like jaw hurts and it is difficult for you to open the mouth, However, if the administrator still refuses to take the sample from high up then there is another trick that you can try.

Once the swab is in your mouth, it is up to you where you want to put it and no one will know. Try adjusting the swab so as to keep it away from the gum line or below the tongue. Thus, you can increase your chances of getting through the test.

  1. Usage of special mouthwashes

In case, you are at the verge of having a saliva drug test, these small bottles of specialist mouthwash can be your saviour. There are innumerable manufacturers that produce mouthwashes that are pocket-sized as well as pocket-friendly. These compact and effective mouthwashes can be carried anywhere and when you get the right chance, all you have to do is to swill the liquid in your mouth.

The chemical in the mouthwash defies the drug components in the saliva and reduces the effect.

Although this method may prove a great way to pass the test, however, it may be difficult to sneak out of everyone’s eyes and floss your mouth with the mouthwashes.

  1. Use Detox Gum

Every one of us must have had a gum at least once, but this is a special kind of neutralizing gum which is made to save you from the consequences of a negative saliva test. The thing about this gum which keeps it a step ahead than other products is that you can hide it easily. The gum is compact and thus, even if you are searched you can get away with it.

But these products are not available so easily as well as they are not very cheap either. You can buy the saliva detox gums online as few retailers sell it.

  1. Other Ways of Passing the Test

The most common but less effective way of getting through the test is exercise. Doing physical activity releases sweat and hence, the drug with it. Drinking a lot of water is also recommended as it will lead to more urine and sweat so the drug will get diluted and flush out of your body.

There is also a chance for error in the detection due to the mistake of the technician but that may happen rarely if the technician is naive.

Although exercising more is a good and healthier way of getting drugs out of your body, people often choose the easy way out by buying various detox products.


You have now understood what is an oral swab drug test and you are also aware of the importance that this test holds. The Cotton Swab Drug testing is the most common way of testing the saliva for drugs but your employer may use other techniques available for drug testing.

Despite any type of saliva testing, there are a few tips and tricks that can let you pass the test comfortably with not much hard work. The products available online by different retailers give you surety of passing the saliva test. These products may be mouthwashes or gums which are easy to carry and simple to use. Within minutes of using these products, they show negative results of the presence of any drugs in your system which can also be checked with home-testing kits to be double sure before going for the real test.

Therefore, the swab testing is indeed a great and efficient way of drug testing but just like other tests it also has loopholes and thus it can be passed even if you are a regular or a rare user of drugs.