How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

The urine drug test has proved to be a reliable way of testing for illegal drugs or medications prescriptions. Science has excelled in such a way that there are many ways to test a person for drugs. They can be chosen according to different degrees of accuracy. Among all the tests like hair, saliva or blood test, a urine drug test is considered to be the most widely accepted.

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There are various domains for which a urine drug test is conducted. It is often used for medical by professionals to examine the amount of a certain drug in the blood or through a urine test. sometimes, it is often asked by certain employers to their employees to produce the urine drug test in order to ensure that they are free from using any kind of drugs or sedation.

Some of the insurance companies ask for drug test reports before insuring someone’s health or life. A positive result may lead to defaulter on medical grounds. Sport selectors also prefer taking the urine drug test as a part of their dope test programmes for a sportsperson in order to ensure that the participants are free from any kind of doping and competition remains fair. That is why failing this test may lead to consequences. Problem? Not to worry! There are many best products to beat the urine drug test with a clean chit negative. We have enlisted 4 best products to pass the urine test. Please go through them and choose the best.

Products to Pass the Urine Drug Test

  1. 10 Day Detox Program (Toxin Rid)

toxin ridIf you are having drug extremity then this herbal product by Toxin Rid makes sure you get rid of the drugs just on time before the drug test. Being a completely natural product, it uses herbs, vitamins and minerals to flush all the unwanted drugs from your urine, blood and saliva in a healthy safe way. It does not contain any animal products, synthetic or fillers to add on its efficiency but, it works as soon as with the first use.

How to use the product?

The product comes in three parts. The Pre-Rid pills, Detox Liquid and   Fiber. The 10-day course of detox starts with having Pre-Rid pills for nine days. On the first day, take three tablets an hour, do not exceed 15 tablets and repeat the course of tablets for every five hours. The tablets may leave you with a dry throat so it is advised to drink a lot of water and eat healthy fibre-rich food along with rich protein.

The final day of getting rid of drugs involves the use of Detox Liquid. Drink half of the detox liquid with orange juice or distilled water after it, avoid drinking or eating anything for two hours. Repeating this for another half of Detox Liquid will remove the final traces of the drug from your body.

Dietary Fiber is coming as an option. Prior to taking the test, drink it with 8 ounces of water and after waiting for the next 15 minutes drink 16 ounces of water again. Urinate in the next hour for 2-3 times and you are ready for your urine drug test.

The 10-day course of Toxin Rid Detox program is worth buying as it comes with a money back guarantee which is enough to ensure the complete detox before the test.

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  1. Ready Clean Cleansing Drink by Detoxify

Ready Clean Cleansing Drink by DetoxifyIf you are having a low level of toxins in your body then the ready Clean Cleansing drink by     Detoxify is a plausible solution for passing directly-supervised drug tests. Being one of the most widely accepted products, it gives faster results which start showing up within one hour of its use. The product is effective for the next five hours giving the best up to three hours.

The 16-ounce bottle makes the detoxing tasty as it comes in orange, grape and tropical flavour. Along with the fruity taste, there are free pre-clean supplement capsules which also adds on to better clean up of your body.

The speciality of this product is that the way of using differs for each person and can be known by directly contacting the manufacturer.

Tips and Tricks For an Upcoming Drug Test

  • Drink fluids every two hours and repeat after taking the Cleansing Drink.
  • For better and quicker results refrain yourself from taking any toxin at least 48 hours of starting the cleansing drink course. This leads to a reduction in the drug level so the drink becomes more effective. Failing to do so may mean compromising with your drug test results.
  • Intake of food with a lot of fat before the test is good.
  • Say no to alcohol or any other medication prior to the test.
  • Drink a lot of water! Water is a catalyst which helps in draining off drugs from your body naturally.
  • You can use the free PreCleanse capsules 12 to 24 hours before going for the test.
  • Eat healthy meals enriched with vitamins and minerals.
  • Urinate more often prior to the test.
  • Using this product is best suitable for the situations of the test for military or parole and may not prove to be satisfactory for a job test.
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  1. Powdered Urine Kit by Test Clear

Powdered Urine Kit by Test ClearLooking for a simpler way to clear the urine test? The powdered urine kit by test clear gives 100% assured results of passing the test with flying colours. This kit is just a replica of original human urine in terms of the smell and the uric acid contained in it. So, you can with no doubt always test clean by using this product.

What is contained in the kit?

  • The kit contains all the things required to meet your purpose except for water.
  • A temperature kit is included which is highly accurate and can be reused. It consists of an air-activated heater and a temperature strip to measure temperature.
  • On the other hand, the urine kit which is included has a plastic vial of 50ml as well as the major component, toxin-free powdered urine.
  • For your ease of use, it comes with an instruction manual.
  • The heater takes up to 45 mins to get the temperature the same as the surroundings.
  • The temperature strip can measure between 90-100 degrees, which is just what you need.
  • Since the heater is for one-time use and has a maximum capacity of six hours, extra heaters can be bought.
  • Digital thermometers are also available in the case, you want to double check the temperature.
  • 25ml of more water can be added to the synthetic urine without causing any adverse alterations.
  • The product happens to assure a complete success rate. Hence, it is usually preferred by customers.

How to Use the Product?

Using this product is a simple process. At first, it is required to pour the powdered urine into the tube through the small vial. After that, water is filled to the brim and the blue cap is fitted tightly onto the tube. This ensures the urine does not splash out while shaking it for dissolving the powder. The next and final step involves stripping off the paper of the heater and sticking the temperature strip to the tube in order to measure the temperature of the urine. Prior to the actual test, it is advised to verify the temperature to be desirable.

Best Ways to Use The Product

  • At least 45min or 1hour preparatory to the test, mix the product with water and place heater near it. Stick the temperature strip to it and keep a check on the strip.
  • For a realistic result of the test, double check the urine temperature to be between 90 to 99 degrees and not more than that, or else there may be a possibility of being caught.
  • There is no need to mix the powder with hot water, you may start with the water at room temperature, as the heater automatically raises the temperature to the right one.
  • Although, there is a limit to the addition of water bore water can be added for whether results. It is important to note here that the water level should not rise to a level so the urine starts looking fake.
  • The heater takes time to heat up the water, therefore both the heaters can be used simultaneously for quicker results.
  • No reading on the temperature strip may be an indicator of the water being too cold or too hot.
  • If the temperature rises above 100 degrees then simply open the lid and blow into the urine to get the temperature down. The rainbow indicator will guide you through it.
  • As a precautionary measure for the correct working of the temperature strip, keep it away from the heater or the strip will measure the heater. Adhesive tapes and rubber bands can be used for this purpose.
  • Take the heater off the tube only after it makes the temperature rise at least up to 90 degrees.
  • Don’t be hasty while using the heater as it is made for single use, although an extra pair of heaters may be bought.
  • People also prefer digital thermometers to be double sure of the right temperature.
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  1. Klear Urine Additive 

Klear Urine AdditiveThis is a type of urine additive which may be used to pass a urine drug test but it does not guarantees or assures any pass. In fact, this kind of product is mostly detectable. The only way which benefits using this product is when you are sure that the Lab Technician in no condition is going to test for Klear, which is just a matter of luck. So, if you are ready to compromise the negativity of the test for the cost of the product then klear urine additive can be bought.

What does it contain?

The urine additive comes with two vials which contain crystals of lear for adding it to the urine as well as it also has an instruction guide along with the warnings written in it.

How to Use the Product?

When the urine test is on the ledge, drink a lot of liquid in order to dilute the liquid, you may take Vitamin B complex as it gives the original colour to the urine. After that, you have to follow simple steps by mixing the Klear crystals into the urine. Depending upon the amount of the urine you can add crystals from one or both the vials. Swirl the mixture so it gets fully dissolved, now you can give your urine for testing. 

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Types of Urine Drug Test

The importance of a urine drug test is undeniable and so it becomes critical to pass the test at any cost. But, passing the test may not be very easy until you know what you are dealing with. There are indeed a number of ways present to pass a urine test, but before taking on any of them it is necessary to understand the types of urine drug test available, how they are done and what kind of test you will be having.

  • Immunoassay

The primary test done is termed as Immunoassay. The science behind this test is based upon the binding done by the foreign components with the special Immunoglobulin proteins found in the immune system. Its prime motive is to test for the presence of specific antibodies or antigens. In simpler words, this simple and painless test involves the lab technician to collect the urine sample and test it with substances for change in colour, density or the pH level of the urine sample. The change may suggest whether there is some level of drug concentration in urine. It is one of the most commonly used and trusted methods.

  • Spectrometry

Another test is spectrometry, also known as Chromatography. chromatography works on the principle of colloidal separation of minute particles mixed in urine or blood. It is rather an expensive yet more efficient test than the previous one. It includes breaking down of urine into simpler microscopic compounds like urea and drug particles. The finely minute globules are then separated by using various chemical agents in different spectrums and colours. This varied spectrum testing determines the concentration of drug in urine. However the test is reliable, the delicate instruments used and the long procedure involved makes it less preferable. There are not many microbiologists or bio-technologists who specialize in expensive chromatographic or spectrometry testing, thus making it less advisable.

Various Ways to Beat the Test

When the urine test is just around the corner and you don’t want to miss out on an amazing job or an insurance scheme then it is fruitful for you to follow any of the wonderful tips and ways which is sure to get you through the urine drug test.

Pass the test Naturally!

  • Exercise

The most natural and healthy way to test negative of a drug test is to exercise. However, the process is slow and may require you to work out regularly, it will gradually clean your system for a drug test. Doing more of cardiovascular exercise will lead a little faster and more effective results, as sweating will cleanse the toxins out of your body and pure blood will be pumped into your cells. The drug effects the epicardium and systolic functions of heart that may result in many heart problems including cardiac arrests, thus cardio is a very efficient way of healing with time. Various aerobics elated exercises and modern dance forms like Zumba are getting popular among people to help maintain healthy heart statistics.

How much you should pull the cord, may depend upon the amount of intake of THC and the seat will pay off eventually. 

  • Eat Healthily

Healthy eating prevents many diseases. The THC is flooded with fats thus, cutting fat from the body can be a solution to clean up the drugs from the body. Protein-rich food, vegetables and fruits are easy to digest and also flushes out toxins faster. So it is recommended to eat fibrous fruits, beans and other vegetables rich in fibre for a better, quicker and healthier result. Fruits like banana and sugarcane and highly and thus will help cleaning the toxin.

  • Sauna

Sweating can help to clean your body of toxins. Despite exercising daily, a sauna is another way to perspire and release drugs out of your system. Although, it is a less effective and rather slower way, combining this method with others will lead to faster and efficient results.

  • Drink Fluids

Drinking plenty of fluids for a long time may get you clear in a urine drug test but it takes a long time to show results. Also, drinking too much of water alone can also prove toxic, however, detoxing agents such as Cranberry juice and tea are used for adding effects to this method.

Cranberry masks the drugs while on the other hand, teas like ginger root, mint and Klein are proven to contain antioxidants naturally. But, the trouble starts when you will be required to drink a lot of tea for a test.

Try out Scientific Ways!

  • Aspirin

Aspirin is well known as a cheat the drug tests. Aspirin is famous for its pain killing effects, but the high dosage can create trouble in muscles and numbness of brain cells. Although if taken before a urine drug examination, it may create an error in the results. This method was well suited a few years back but with the scientific advancements, it may fail. Still, despite its common knowledge, if the examiner doesn’t have necessary apparatus for catching the error, it can prove quite useful and cheaper than other precautionary measures.

  • Dilution

Some scientific ways may clear off your urine of all the drugs as well as the natural vitamins and minerals found which may lead to suspicion of cheating while going for a urine test. To curb the failing of the test, it is suggested to dilute the urine a few hours before going for the test. This will create a balance and help you get off clean.

  • Diuretics

Another way which may prove helpful in passing the test is the use of Diuretics. It is a compound made up of creatine and Midol which makes you urinate frequently. This removes the drugs with every urination but it may have adverse effects as it dehydrates your body and causes harmful effects to the liver. Although it is taken along with a lot of water as well as mineral supplements, it may lead to inconclusive test results.

  • Synthetic Urine

If you do not want to take any chances with the success of the test then synthetic urine can be bought from numerous online websites offering it. It will lead you to completely switching your real urine with the synthetic one for the sake of the test. All it requires is to heat the synthetic urine for temperature higher than the room temperature and keeping it between the thighs for a while to make it warmer.


Clearing on your drug screening may be a crucial task for you and with advancements in science, it has become a little more complicated too. All the important jobs, services and many more sectors require you to be tested for the drugs. Losing out on the opportunities just because of your drug intake may not be worth it.

There are innumerable natural and scientific ways to clean out your system of the THC. If you do not want to mess with any more medications, then practising a few natural ways daily will give off positive results. Otherwise, there are still some ways to get through the test easily.

Therefore, either you are someone willing to work hard for the flushing the drugs out of your system or you are someone who believes to get the easy way out, there is a possibility for both.

Talking about the scientific advancements, certain products like detox pills, cleansing drink, urine additives and powdered urine are known to be the best ways to pass any kind of urine tests for drugs.